Database Services

"Solid and genuine contact database for all industries"

We start off the campaign by providing you with a solid, updated and targeted list to contact opportunities available based on your target location. Each of our contacts stored are being updated and profiled regularly by our in-house researchers through phone, online and social media help. We keep track and make sure that every detail provided for each list are genuine and correct. Try out our contact database that covers the following industries: IT Products and Services, Software Services, Consulting Services, Advertising, Commercial Cleaning, Financials, Medical and Healthcare services, Merchants, Business products and services & Business to consumer contacts.

Lead Generation Services

"Sales and Lead generation services from a strong database to a multi-touch, multi-channel marketing technique"

Prospecting a business or consumers interest into inquiring on your services is one of the hardest marketing challenges most companies are facing today. That is why Biz Results Value is ready to do it for you. Our adeptness to improvise our telemarketing and lead generation services has been extended for up to six channels: voice, email, online, social media, mobile and chat services to bring out more and more leads to your sales funnel. These approaches are guaranteed to:

1. Provide you with a solid and targeted database to start off hunting prospects and clients.
2. System of the art and top-notch technology in doing telemarketing through a system channel and click-to-dial call approach.
3. Social media targeting of clients with online advertising to keep your business, products and website on the lead all over the world wide web.
4. Email marketing services and automation on top of the usual telemarketing campaign.
5. SMS and mobile accessible marketing and reporting, giving you all access anytime and anywhere.
6. Banner Ads to keep your business on top and visible to all sites and pages searched in by your target audience.
7. Inbound marketing via chat services to man and keep your visitors updated even during the weekends.

Email marketing Services

""Email marketing and lead nurturing system"

Our campaign does end with providing you leads through multi-channel technique. Biz Results Value continues to rear these appointments through a series of email and follow-ups on your sales leads to keep your contacts intact and updated. We have our very own email service software and lead nurturing tool to keep these marketing automation active and running until your campaign ends. This system comes as a bonus for every lead generation signed-up with us.

We can run the most efficient email marketing for you to make more sales leads even in a tight budget:

•Connect with thousands of targeted prospects at a time.
•Stay in touch with past and current customers with brief, discreet notes.
•Reach specific audiences with proposition messages highly customized for you.